1/2″ High-strength anodized toggle.

Quick, easy, strong, and secure, Toggles are the perfect way to attach two eyes, or to close soft shackles.  Machined from 7075-T6 aircraft aluminum and hard-anodized, these offer the ultimate strength-to-weight ratio for their size.  They accept up to 1/2″ line, and are used wherever an easily-removed yet still secure attachment is needed.  When used as intended, they have a breaking load of over 20,000 lbs, which is far stronger than any metal shackle for the same size line.  A machined groove in the center prevents the toggle from slipping out of a spliced line.

Anywhere a snap shackle or screw-shackle is used, a toggled soft shackle or a variation of it can be employed.  Their use prevents the metal-on-metal wear that destroys so many fittings, extending the life of padeyes, headboards, thimbles, and other load-bearing hardware.

Diameter: 1/2″  Length: 1 1/2″  Weight: Inconsequential.  No, really.  Not enough to worry about.

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