Wire Pullfids


Wire pullfids with hand-turned hardwood handles.

The most simple and versatile splicing fid design now comes with an elegant turned hardwood handle.

The standard pullfid is the most-used size, made with 1/16″ type 316 stainless steel, and can splice everything from 3/16″ 12-strand to 1/2″ double braid.

The Long Hauler is a longer version of the standard pullfid, designed to make long covered loops and pull rope into longer piece of anti-chafe cover.  Type 304 ss.

The Mini Hauler is a thinner version of the standard pullfid, with 3/64″ type 316 ss wire.  Useful for smaller loops and thinner hollow braids, it has a differently shaped handle for easy identification when you’re groping for it in the dark.

The Micro Hauler is a shorter version of the popular Mini Hauler; same size wire and handle, without the length not really needed when burying cover flaps on covered loops.

The Hefty Hauler has the thickest wire, keeping it from bending when pulling in fat rope tails for reeving eyes and other heavy work.

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