Zartman Rigging

Ben Zartman Rigging Ganymede
Up-rigging with DM20 Dyneema shrouds.
Zartman Rigging bending on a gaffer's mainsail
Innovative fiber solutions for traditional rigs

Zartman Rigging offers ingenious, simple solutions to previously complicated problems.  Blending age-old methods with modern materials, the best of both unite in gear that is stronger, lighter, safer, and easier to use than was previously possible.  From Seamless ™ slings, quickdraws, and friction loops for rockclimbers and arborists, to high-strength loops, toggled soft shackles, and running rigging for the world’s fastest ocean boats, the future is happening first at Zartman Rigging.

Ben Zartman supplies custom solutions for boats cruising the tropics, transiting the Northwest Passage, and crossing oceans.  He makes unique crevasse rescue gear and specialty slings for climbing expeditions from Alaska to remote South Atlantic volcanos, arborist gear, and industrial rope-access.  Ben tests his unique gear himself on his home-built sailboat; on local crags and Yosemite bigwalls; even on an arctic sailing trip to Greenland and beyond.

Re-thinking every aspect of design and execution with the latest available materials and processes, Ben’s decades of climbing and long-distance sailing experience inform the prototyping process to produce equipment the likes of which the world has never seen.

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