Micro-Ti Rappel Plate

Micro-Ti Titanium rappel plates.

Coming soon!

The Legendary Micro-Ti is not only the smallest, lightest rappel device ever made, it’s the only one that can’t be compromised by corrosion.  Machined from solid Grade-2 Titanium, it is impervious to the crevice corrosion that kills stainless steel, the rust that eats away at steel, and the oxidation that corrupts aluminum in the wet, mineral-rich environments of caves, canyons, and seaside cliffs.

For use only with 1/4″ (6mm) rope, it pairs best with Zartman Rigging’s Seamless rappel rope.  This combo will shine best for ultralight alpine climbing and canyoneering, with toproping, of all things, being an excellent use as well.

The guide-mode Micro-Ti can be used to belay up to two followers at a time, and is a favorite with guides who hate carrying excessive weight on top of the weight of responsibility.

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