Splicing Fids


1/4″ Splicing fid, Stainless or Titanium

A true rigger’s workhorse, the 1/4″ fid is the most-used tool in the kit.  Far beyond simply splicing a couple sizes of double-braid, it’s used to pluck cover and core strands from every size of rope being spliced; to dig out cores; to work open Moibus Brummels; to cross-pin big rope when splicing.  With these stainless steel or titanium fids, the days of bent, gouged, and worn 1/4″ fids are over.  Any sailor who’s aluminum fid has grown a patina of corrosion from the salty air; any rigger who’s deformed the back end of his by dropping it on the shop floor, or gouged it in a shackle-pin hole, will appreciate the sturdiness and durability of these fids.  Paired with a basic wire pullfid, rope up to 1/2″ can be spliced; nearly any size of covered loop can be made; it’s truly the most useful and versatile of all the solid fid sizes.

Type 304 Stainless Steel or Grade 2 Titanium

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions .25 × .01 × .01 yd

stainless steel, titanium

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