Seamless Daisy Chain


Seamless Daisy Chain, ten-link.

The next evolutionary step in soft-linked personal leashes, the Seamless Daisy Chain packs a lot of awesome into a feather-light, compact configuration.  Each link is made of Bio-based SK99 Dyneema core inside a Dyneema cover, and has a load rating of over 8,000 lbs, so you can daisy-whip all day with confidence (not recommended).  You can, however, use it to neatly hang all your gear, haulbags, and ledges on an epic faraway bigwall.  And, of course, to climb your pitches faster, safer, and with less cluster.

The end loops are differently colored than the rest, for easy identification, and the lowermost is also bigger, to accomodate girth-hitching to your Knotless Swami or harness.


red, green, yellow, blue, purple, orange, grey, beige, day-glo green, white, black

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