Knotless Swami


Knotless Swami.  A swami belt for the future.

The Knotless Swami represents the ultimate in lightweight, movement-promoting harness technology.  With no metal buckles to corrode, and no huge knot to catch in offwidths, it is the slimmest, strongest harness option available.  Made with comfortable two-ich nylon webbing secured by Dyneema cord, it will fetch you back to the glory days of trad climbing without the trouble of knots, tails, buckles or crotch-chafing leg loops.  Best for alpine and long free routes with belays on stances, it also excels in wide cracks, where leg loops just get in the way.  We have yet to recommend it for sportclimbing, but that’s only because we don’t recommend sportclimbing at all.

Also used as a personal harness for ocean sailing, the Knotless Swami has been used in waters from the warm Bahama Bank to the furthest Arctic in the Northwest Passage.

waist size

28"-32", 32"-36", "36"-40"

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