Ganymede's bulwark planking

Cruising Provisions and Preparatory Projects

I’d like to say that we’ve accomplished much in the week and a half since Ganymede relaunched and we returned …
Ganymede's lettering and fresh paint

Ganymede’s Haulout

Just Like Old Times After spending two days working on Ganymede’s outboard engine, trying to get gasoline through the fuel …
kids with knives

Ganymede out of her Winter Coccoon

And if the morning begins inauspiciously, should you still carry on with the plan? That was the big question Saturday, …
Ganymede's Kitchen Sink

Ganymede’s Non-systems

Six Simple Alternatives to Common Cruising Clutter As we prepare Ganymede to head off on the next and biggest leg …
hand colored charts

Ganymede’s winter turns to spring

It has been the longest, coldest winter Ganymede has ever seen—rightly so, since it’s our first in these northern parts, …
cling-wrap on charts and cruising guides

Welcome to the Zartman cruising blog

Welcome to Zartman Cruising, the blog with which we hope more fully to chronicle our family’s sailing adventures, with all …
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